Dr. Popper Jump Q - The best dedicated jump cue in the world. Invented by Mark “Dr. Popper” Dimick, 2008 Artistic Pool Masters Champion 

Wood and Brass Decorative Nameplate - Dr. Popper Jump Q - The best dedicated jump cue in the world. Invented by Mark 'Dr. Popper' Dimick, 2008 Artistic Pool Masters Champion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A about the Dr. Popper Jump Q - the Best Dedicated Jump Cue in the World!


What are the specifications?

Butt length: 13 ½”
Shaft length: 27 ½”
Shaft diameter: 12.6 – 12.7mm
Weight: 4 oz.

Is the Dr Popper legal to use?

Yes. If you can use a jump cue where you play, then you can use the Dr Popper Jump Q.

What is the proper care and maintenance of the Dr Popper Jump Q?

To prevent finish problems, your cue should be stored under consistent temperature and moisture conditions.   To clean wipe down with a damp cloth.  Use a soft cloth and furniture polish to restore shine.   

What is the tip made of?

It is made out of solid phenolic composite.

How close can I jump over another ball?

You can jump less than 1” from the object ball depending on the amount of practice you have with the Dr Popper. With heavier jump cues, a comfortable distance is 3 balls from an object ball. Using the Dr Popper Jump Q, you should be comfortable jumping over another ball from one ball away.

How does the Dr Popper compare to jumping with other jump cues?

The biggest difference from other jump cues is the Dr Popper’s light weight which allows for jumping much closer to the object ball.

Do I need to chalk the tip?

No, not unless you intend on jumping and having the cue ball curve. With no chalk on the tip, the cue ball will jump over the object ball with less chance of curving and missing your shot.